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IR35 Legislation - Will it affect you?

Aurora Resourcing have spent several months looking into the new IR35 legislation and how it will affect our locum workers who operate through a Ltd company. We have identified an option that offers less of an impact financially to locums than the standard umbrella company option. Candidates working within the public sector from April 2017 will no longer be able to operate as a Ltd company. Please call us for more information on 0121 6160542.

Aurora - what does it mean?

From Latin aurora, literally "dawn," sometimes used to refer to the goddess of the dawn.

It also has inferences around sunlight, the ‘rise’ of something and also has associations with the beautiful and visually stunning Northern Lights.

Aurora Resourcing - who are we?

Highly experienced specialists, focusing only in the social care market, we work in partnership within Adults and Children's Services across this unique sector. Having a comprehensive understanding of this challenging but highly rewarding profession, we have an established network of clients and candidates across the private, statutory and not for profit arenas nationally.

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